Maria Aritnemse / Reproduced Artworks (2008-2018)

During the first months of 2019, we worked on the compilation and edition of the artwork by the artist María Aritnemse. With her collaboration, more than 50 pieces were reproduced, those that belong to the 2008-2018 period, and are published in this 60 pages-long hard covered book. For this project, we worked with the photographer Cecilia A Ugon on the photographic record of the pieces, sketches, edition and publication. Reproduced Artworks (2008-2018) is our first work with the artists we admire and want to their work to be spread.
Full credits
Artist: María Aritnemse
Photography: Cecilia Armand Ugon @polcapolca
Art Direction: Ganz Toll @ganztoll
Typographies: Ariel Di Lisio / Twenty Five @arieldilisio